Israeli-Greek defense pact invoked versus Turkish naval and air movements

Israel and Greece have invoked the mutual defense pact they signed secretly only 12 days ago in the light of heavy Turkish sea and air movements in the eastern Mediterranean. DEBKAfile’s sources report that this was decided in a long nocturnal phone conversation Wednesday night Sept. 14 between the Israeli and Greek prime ministers, Binyamin Netanyahu and George Papandreou, and at Israel’s expanded cabinet of eight, which was called into session over the Turkish threat to its off-shore oil and gas rigs.

The Greek Prime Minister added to the information recorded so far on Turkish fleet movements in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. He was particularly concerned by the observation flights suddenly increased in the past 48 hours over the Greek island of Kastelorizo in the southeast Mediterranean just two kilometers from the Turkish coast. Those flights are escorted by Turkish combat jets.

Athens fears a Turkish attack on the island, whose population is fewer than 1,000, and an attempt to damage or seize it. Israel suspects that a Turkish attack on the Greek island will be the signal for Turkish military aggression against its oil and gas platforms located in the Mediterranean between Israel and Cyprus. Papandreou said the Turks are capable of surprise attacks on additional Greek islands near the Turkish coast.

Ankara would be acting on the pretext that Israel and Cyprus have no right to mark out and exploit the gas and oil zones of the eastern Mediterranean – a fuel-rich region known as Block 12 – without the consent of Turkish Cyprus (the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus – TRNC). Turkey also backs Lebanon’s complaint that Israel is robbing it of its natural resources. Talks between Lebanon and Cyprus to resolve this issue broke down. Beirut refuses any discussion with Israel.

Neither Jerusalem nor Athens has disclosed in what way they have invoked the new defense pact.

DEBKAfile’s military sources surmise that in the first stage, Israeli navy and air forces are to be posted at Greek Mediterranean bases. The two intelligence agencies are already sharing input.

Up until now, Israel could only respond to a Turkish threat from its own borders. With a presence at Greek military bases, Israel will be able to operate from the rear of Turkish forces in the event of an attack by those forces in the Mediterranean.

Monday, Sept. 12, Ankara dictated conditions for Israel to obey in order to keep its navy afloat free of Turkish aggression:

1. Israel vessels are prohibited from taking action against Turkish ships heading for the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has declared “null and void” the UN report confirming the legality of Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

2. Israeli warships crossing the 12-mile line bounding its territorial waters will be challenged by Turkish warships, which are instructed to approach them to within 100 meters and “disable their weapons.”

This threat covers not only shipping bound for Gaza but also Israel’s oil and gas drilling platforms which are more than 60 miles out to sea.

Israel’s political and military spokesmen have been trying hard to downplay the Turkish menace. On Wednesday, Sept. 14, they brushed aside reports of Turkish naval and air movements in the eastern Mediterranean. After the cabinet of eight’s meeting, the official line was that Israel is practicing “restraint in contrast to Turkish wildness” and they should be given time to cool down. In any case, the US and NATO were closely monitoring the crisis Ankara is generating with Israel, Greece and Cyprus, and won’t let it degenerate into Turkish military action.

But both Israel and Greece appear to know better: They decided to invoke their mutual defense pact – not before obtaining a green light from Washington – because they believe the Turkish threats indicated by its military movements are real and tangible.


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  • Velos323

    Turkey has to learn a lesson for ever, which is that because you are a big country that everything belongs to you and you have only needs and interests. Cyprus,Israel and Greece have huge interests and rights too, and be all the time threaten and violated by you has to come to a close for ever. If I was a Minister of Defense in Greece I would take you out in the sea and air and on ground and tell you in your face , lets split 2 frigates, lets split 4 torpedo boats, lets split equally all and then lets start fighting like dogs and cats. You believe Turkey because you have more bodies you are better,and right all the time!
    Anything Cyprus or Greece do to improove themselves is against your vital interests!
    Have you seen any doctor lately because Hitler had the same fricken problem too!
    But not more Hitlers and Musolinis, they died for ever! times are very different now, we learned that during the war with so many people dead because of a mad or a few mad people!
    Not any more, this is the voice of the free Western people.
    And something else if you like I can tell you those things face to face, it does not have to be a politician to tell that, because I elect the politicians.If you wish to know me please respond to this email with your contact info and we can arrange a neutral place like Cyprus for example unless you do not like them.

  • tracer

    Israel – Greece get ready for war. I am a Turk, we do not play games. The ME will explode all over you both. I dare you!!



    • 1234

      I think you better watch out, because your country is not well liked in the Middle East aswell.

    • Stan6

      Mr tracer your economy got little better ,today i remember in 2001 you were worse than angola ,dont get too much air in your heads , you are not a superpower or an empire,you get your jets and warships and Tanks from Germany or USA, and you cant be so cocky if you dont produce your hardware ,they cut you off and you are in big trouble.I think Turkish goverment should examine edrogan,davatoglou,they behave as village bullies,is not proper to act as they do,they are the head of a state not gang leaders.bullies usally are weak and try to scare the opponenent, is that the case with your goverment?and you do play games ,i dint see any turkish ship in the block 12 area yet.

    • Spgordo

      will you be on the front lines? nice dare otherwise.

    • Tyroneez

      Dear tracer
      What happened / did your MR ERDOGAN forget to give the order to start a war …???
      Or did he come to his senses ???
      Of course he did … The Turkey only starts wars that it can win …
      Not this time , my Freind , not this time
      What a climb down , how embarrassing ???
      Having to claim the PERI RAIS broke down , just to save face …
      Or is he to busy … Getting ready to declare WAR ON FRANCE ..
      Just For speaking the truth , about the Armenian , Greek and Assyrian genocide i’n Anatolia … Under cover of WWI …

      Now everybody i’n Isreal , Europe and the USA can plainly see what we have had to live with i’n all these centuries ..
      I’m afraid the game is finally up MR TRACER

    • John

      Read above what I wrote. That’s your sick take on Israel you take on the world!

  • Andrew0151

    tracer, go and play with your self…

  • Georgioskoroneos

    ISRAELIS/GREEKS…have been around for more years and continue to be TURKEY’S big challenge ,but keep in mind that both making sure have rights and no matter how difficult the road may be to destiny both will not repeat what wrong the TURKS already done through time.-

  • Georgioskoroneos

    the TURKS…really wanted and interested in getting back again their OTTO/IMPERIUM and to make it true and as/as it possible could be,although in my opinion they can not live up to the potential as we know it could simply because the unbeatable are beatable and they shoud learned it from history.-

  • Georgioskoroneos

    every time the [OTTOS] threaten to turn that part of the world upside/down the small combo ISRAELIS/GREEKS turn out to be successful and together coming out stronger ,perhaps because of their dedication and most of all of …let just say knowning what its really hanging in the balance,been able doing better with regards to the problems of destiny.-

  • Ayan357

    I am glad to see someone finally standing up to Israel. They already occupy all of Palestine, and now want to suck up all the resources of the eastern Mediterranean.

    Greece as an ally? You got to be Kidding ME! These people have NO money to feed themselves, much less engage in a war. They have a credit rating worst than Angola. Their strikes have brought the country to a standstill. Riots have scared away their biggest money maker, tourism. These are people who will be going back to their well deserved status as a 3rd world country. They are in no condition to loose billions in an even limited engagement. Besides, Germany, their sugar daddy, may just kick them off the welfare dole if they start a war with its old (WWI) ally, Turkey.

    Turkey, only a few miles away from Greece has the fast growing economy in the world, they can afford a prolonged war. They have a very popular leader who is a star in all of the Middle East. A conflict with Turkey will turn the entire Middle East, including Christan Lebanon, against Israel. And this ain’ 1967.

    Israel has worked very hard under the Likud government to make enemies out of allies. They alienated Turkey by killing 9 of its citizens, before that Turkey let Israeli aircraft operate from its bases. The strike on Syria’s nuclear plant was Israeli borne from Turkish airbases. They alienated Abbas, a non-vilent and progressive leader by snubbing him for years. They lost Egypt by supporting the 30 year dictatorial rule of Mubarrak. They lost South Africa a decade ago by supporting the Aparthied regieme. Now they are alone… The U.S. will not support Israel when it is the bad guy. When all of its problems are self created. Anti-Israel sentiment in the U.S. is very high, specially amongst minorities. Sure the Christan fundimentalists support Israel, but how many of them do you know? I know like 2. They make up a loud 1% of the population.

    Let Isreal reap what it has planted. Let me get a bruising and lets make sure America no longer supports these war mongering settlers.

    • Stan6

      ayan million soldiers today dont do any good you need many body bags.War is going to be on the air and sea and if you check the invetory are very close in numbers ,but in quality and training Turkey is farr befind.If you ever went to greek-turkish borders the land is flat and hilly ,and is going to be a tank warfare ,dont underestimate the Greeks 1000 leopards are by your borders dont acccount the M-48, forget the numbers, the money Greece dont have ,they will find the gas Germany is there.dont believe turkish air will be able to chalange israeli airforce ,and Greek navy is very modern ,so hold your horses,you will loos in the end.

    • Canavar

      This “ain” 1967. Your right. The Israeli airforce (remember what it did in 1967) is today ranked 3′d in the world after the US and Russia, countries which each have about 40 times the population. They have just purchased 25 F35′s from the US. The F35 is by far the most advanced fighter jet in the world, and the Israelis are buying 75 more.
      Talk about the Turkish economy, Turkey has 13.6% unemployment and a per person GDP of $13,600. Israel has 4% unemployment and $29,600 GDP.
      Israel is vastly superior to Turkey in everything but size. Israel has world class doctors, engineers, and scientists and is a world leader in high tech. Israelis have won four Nobel Prizes in chemistry, two in economics, and one in literature. Turkey has only won one, Orhan Pamuk’s. Israel has very very strong support in the US. Recent polls show that three times more Americans have a more favorable opinion of Israel than Turkey.
      And I almost forgot Israel has NUKES. Erdogan talks big now. So did Nasser.

      Once zannetim, dunyadan kisileri Turkler en kibarli en guzel. Simdi emin degilim. Ama cok eminem Tayyip Bey korkunc ve igrenc, hemen hemen bir canavar! Turkiye ‘yi tahip eder. Israil Turkiye’ nin sorunu degil. Turkiye’ nin sorunu Erdogan, Davetoglu filin falan, ve en cok onemli, Turkler kim Erdogan sever.

    • Mike

      Greece has an EXTREMELY powerful military (Time Magazine has called Greece a “regional superpower’). It’s Navy is ranked 5th in the world, it’s Army 12th. Greece has ultra-modern weapons (like the S-300), Greek military satellites in space that even nations like Sweden use for their own defense, etc. Greece also designs and manufactures it’s own weapons, via ELBO. You don’t have a CLUE what you are talking about. Greece was the first European peoples to throw off the Ottoman yoke in the 1820′s after 10 years of extremely bloody warfare (thus Greece stood among the nations in 1829, when there were only 27 nations in the entire world); Greece crushed Ottoman and Bulgarian Armies in the Balkan Wars; Greece invaded and occupied Turkey for 3 years from 1919-1922, following WWI, during the Greco-Turkish War (in which 1.3 million Greeks were victims of the Greek Genocide committed by the Turks; look up “Greek Genocide”); Greece dealt the Axis powers their very first defeat in WWII by smashing, and then reversing, Fascist Italy’s invasion of Greece. In fact, the military might of Greece in WWII is considered by experts to be the cause of Hitler having to delay his invasion of the Soviet Union by six months, thus Germany was defeated by the worst Russian winter in 50 years. The Greek Resistance was also the most ferocious and effective of all nations in WWII, far out classing the much-touted French Resistance (the Greek Resistance, with 2 British agents, even kidnapped a German General, the only nation to do so in the war).


      “Historical justice forces me to admit that among all the enemies who stood against us, the Greek soldier above all, fought with the most courage and highest disregard of death. He surrendered himself only when the continuation of resistance was not possible any longer. He fought so bravely, that even his enemies can not deny their respect for him. Thus, the Greek prisoners of war were released immediately, having in mind the heroic stance of these soldiers.” [the Greek officers were also allowed to keep their side arms, a first for Germany]
      –Adolph Hitler, Reichstag, 4 May 1941

      “I forbid the Press to underestimate the Greeks, to defame them… The Führer admires the bravery of Greeks.”
      –Joseph Goebbels in his diary, 9 April 1941

      “Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks.”
      –Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

      How can any educated person stay away from the Greeks? I have always been far more interested in them than in science.”
      –Albert Einstein, Jewish scientist

      “For those who think that Greece today is of no importance, allow me to say that they could not had been more wrong. Modern, just like ancient Greece, has unique importance for everyone who is trying to find himself.”
      –Henry Miller, American writer

      Also, you think you know Greek Economics? Look up “Greek Economic Miracle.” Wikipedia: “Between 1950 and 1974, the country had an average rate of economic growth of 7%, second in the world only to Japan’s during the same period.”

      According to the current November 2011 enclcopedia entry for Greece:

      “Greece is a highly developed country with an advanced,[13][14] high-income economy[15] and very high standards of living,[16][17][18] ”

      I guess anti-Hellenism is catching up with anti-Semitism. Sad.

      • Tyroneez

        Bravi mike
        Tell it like it is …
        And not one word , anti Turkish …
        Just facts , pure facts …
        When your defending your very existence , against attack , then money has nothing to do with it …
        The Turkish people would do the same i’n similar circumstances ..

        The Turkish military , know that the Greeks could possibly repel any attack … Otherwise they would have tried it by now

      • Safa Bal

        I am really surprised that, You guys really think, Greece can repel an attack from Turkey.
        “Greece crushed Ottoman and Bulgarian Armies in the Balkan Wars” WRONG! Turkey adn Bulgaria did not attack Greece at a time. NEVER! Yet, Bulgarians and Greeks attacked Ottoman armies. Go check wikipedia for further info.

        “Greece invaded and occupied Turkey for 3 years from 1919-1922, following WWI” WRONG! Greece invaded small part of western Turkey only for a year and please do not ignore that, Ottoman Empire had collapsed and There was not an Turkish army Because Allies forced Turkey to abolish the army. By the way, United Kingdom helped the invasion force of Greece supprt them with weapons and other supplies.
        And after 1 year, Turkish Army led by Mustafa Kemal, crushed the greek army in sakarya and captured the greek general.

        “in which 1.3 million Greeks were victims of the Greek Genocide committed by the Turks; look up “Greek Genocide” WRONG! Turkey and Greece signed a pact which was about transferring all the minority to each one of these countries. So estimated 400.000 Turks and same amount of Greek people were forced to migrate.
        And I want to point out something, There was a Turkish/Muslim killings(i am not saying genocide like armenians and greeks) in Balkans. Lets do not ignore this one too. More than 200.000 Turks were killed by Serbs/Greeks/Bulgarian nationalist some saved their lives but they were forced to change their names and religions.

        Greece army is nothing compared to Turkey’s.

        • Phoevos

          Sfa Bal: Is this why some irregular Kurdish fighters are taking you to the cleaners all day long? What is the use of your “big” army if you are a bunch of unskilled morons?

          • Pepap7

            ahahaaa yes well said

          • Gaara

            It’s an assymetric war and you know it’s not the same like fighting with a regular army.

        • John

          Tis manna sou o kolos! Look that up ha,ha,ha. Scouliki!

    • Ricky

      Christian Lebanon? Man you don’t have a CLUE what you are talking about, on almost every single count. You need an education.

      Encyclopedia on Lebanon:

      “59.7% Muslim 34% sunnis 20% shia 5.7% other (Shia, Sunni, Isma’ilite, Alawite, or Nusayri and non—Muslims with similar beliefs to the Muslim such as Druze), 39% Christian (Maronite, Greek Orthodox, Melkite Catholic, Armenian Orthodox, Syriac Catholic, Armenian Catholic, Syriac Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Chaldean, Assyrian, Copt, Protestant), and 1.3% other.[1]”

    • Tyroneez

      War mongering settlers ???
      That’s a bit rich coming from you !!!
      Or didn’t you get to grab some of the 84% of Greek Cypriot owned land under illegal Turkish Army occupation i’n northern CYPRUS

    • Steve Bronfman

      Didn’t you ever hear of Jordan? Which occupies 79% of Palestine, or the PA which occupies even more? You’re either lying or stupid.

      Turkey occupies Kurdistan and Northern Cyprus btw.

  • Steve Bronfman

    Israel, Greece, Serbia, Cyprus, Armernia, Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia need to kick Turkey’s arse!

    The’ve already murdered 2 million Greeks, Armenians and Assyrian Christians in the last 100 years, it’s time the Turkish bully was taught a lesson.

    • John

      Turkey is stupid enough, to threat Israel?! Ha,ha,ha. You dumb arses!l

      • John

        Don’t worry turkey hasn’t got many allies.

  • Eray Korhan

    Wake up. wake up Greeks, Turks, Israelis, Romans, Bulgarians, Armenians, Kurds, Arabians, Cypriots, Assyrians, Syrians, Azeris, Georgians..

    Wake up and let settle our big unity, United States of Eurasia. There are never another chance.

    • Tyroneez

      @Eray korhan
      Of course we should all unite , the whole of Europe has already done that …
      The Greeks are waiting for Turkey to come join us …
      But you must follow the rules …
      of no threats of war against fellow countries …
      And no occupation of neighbouring countries …
      And no suppression of minority (Kurdish) rights …
      And full democratic rights for all it’s citizens …
      This Turkish government is telling it’s people that Turkey can go it alone … If Europe will not let it join as it is …
      They want to join so they can bully Cyprus and Greece from within the EU …
      Just as they have done from within NATO this last 60 years …
      It’s not Greece or Cyprus that will not let turkey join …
      It’s the EU rules , specially designed after WWII … To make sure that member countries could not start another war between them …
      We were one country once … Before 1821 …But that union did not give the majority Christian population equal rights … In their own homelands … The only way to get justice and prosper was to become Moslem and turn against your own people …
      Of course it could not last forever …
      And rebellion and revolution was the inevitable result of the outdated ottoman state system … Which refused to grant equality to all it’s peoples …
      Don’t listen to your extremist nationalist leaders , who are leading you away from a united and equal Europe …
      Come join your Greek brothers and let us put an end to this 200 year old civil war …
      Quickly before the chance is lost forever …

      • John

        Good for you, but It sounds like a dictatorship. Turkey doesn’t know anything, but to kill,rape, burn,and steal.

  • Osmanli


    • Tyroneez

      At osmanli above
      If we are to be reduced to this level … Well
      Eshek siksi to you … My friend
      Try and do a little better next time …

  • Garpk

    Now that Syria has downed a Turkish Warplane, Turkey is completely surrounded by enemies. Their foreign policy of “no problems” is a joke.