Criminal complaint in Germany against Prime Minister Erdoğan

Lawyers in Germany have filed a criminal complaint at the responsible Federal Prosecutor’s Office (BAW) in Karlsruhe, Germany against Prime Minister Erdoğan (who is today in Berlin for a state visit), and several Chiefs of Staff of the Turkish army because of severe criminal acts during war against the Kurdish population. The complaint is about war crimes and crimes against humanity between 2003 and today which are outlawed by laws of war.

The criminal complaint is based on the German International Criminal Code which has been existing since 2002. It enables an international prosecution of outlawed war crimes for which military commanders and political superiors are responsible – even if the “crime scene” is not in Germany.

The complaint contains 10 exemplary “cases” from recent years, which have been compiled on the basis of comprehensive own research, the analysis of materials of the Turkish justice system and reports of respected human rights organisations.

Among others there are cases of extralegal executions, killing of combatants after taking them prisoner, torture, post-mortal mutilation and even the use of prohibited chemical weapons.

Presented are the respective facts and circumstances with names, dates and means of evidence.

The complaint is filed in the name of relatives of the victims of the war crimes. The human rights organisation MAF-DAD – Association for Democracy and International Law in Cologne, the writer Doris Gercke (Bella Block), professor for international law Norman Paech, MP Harald Weinberg (DIE LINKE), Dr. med. Gisela Penteker (IPPNW), city council member of Nuremberg Marion Padua and sociologist Martin Dolzer are also among the plaintiffs.

The complaint was filed by lawyer Britta Eder and lawyer Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Schneider.

On 1 November 2011 in the House of Democracy in Berlin (Greifswalder Straße 4) a press conference will be held with lawyers and plaintiffs.


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  • Tyroneez

    As i have been saying …
    Elected prime ministers have fallen foul of national and international laws … Especially when they get carried away with their own egos and rhetoric

  • john

    In 1974/5 ( application N0.s 6780/74 and 6950/75) Cyprus applied to the European Court of Human Rights with numerous charges against Turkey for gross violation of the human rights of the Greek Cypriots. A 200 page report followed and it’s findings were adopted on 10 July 1976, the Report found in favour of the Greek Cypriots but this report was burried and only recently became public. I sincerely hope that this prosecution does not go the same way and that the turkish leadership is held accountable. France have suggested that they might criminalze the denial by Turkey of the ethnic cleansing of the Arminians et al which began in 1915, in the same way that the denial of the holocaust inflicted by Hitler on the jewish people is a crime in France.

    Unfortunately, one might suspect that these persecutions are politically motivated rather than morally driven in order to obstruct Turkey’s EU entry. Regardless of the motives I hope they succeed.

  • Guest

    Biji Kurds! We have been put through enough and it is about time!

  • Renboww

    all kurds are terrorist

  • Tyroneez

    To renboww
    What an ignorant comment …
    So your telling me their are 15 to 20 million terrorists i’n turkey ??
    Because that’s the number of Kurds i’n the country …
    If this is the type of racist stereotyping and discrimination the Kurds are facing i’n turkey … Then it’s no wonder they want nothing to do with the Turks ..
    It’s the same argument that was used against 3 million innocent Armenian citizens ….young Men / old men / women / children / and even the babies / all murdered by their own government i’n the name of fighting a few terrorist/freed fighters

  • Dean

    Chemicals used by the turkish state. Warning of strong images!

  • Tolik

    Usa and european countries see the president and the ministar of turkey gül and erdoğan as apostles of demokracy and peace.they don’tknow or they don’tknow what they do in turkey or they do not suit their interest so they decepts their public opinion.the public opinion of usa and europe should know the country violates human rights, low and demokracy mostly in middle east is turkey.the greatest racist dictators in the middle east are gül and erdoğan.they declare kurd people as enemy.kurd’s language,culture,education in their mother language and to make politica is forbidden. if anybody say anything about kurd’s human right he is sentenced to prison 80-100-200 years and his life is finished.every kurd politician has 30-40 courts of justice.turk goverment uses chemical and napalm weapons and bombs easily against to kurds.turk troops use genocide to kurds as cumulativly.all kurd literates , journalists, teachers, politicians and lowyers have been prisoned from 10-15 years, even most of them have not taken to court of justice.they are taken as prison according to only report of fasist-fetullah polises. the west public opinion should know that the greatest dictator is erdoğan not assad in the middle east.

  • Tolik

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  • Tolik

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  • Tolik

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  • tuelya

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